Note: The City of Chanhassen handles permits for Erosion Control, Wetlands and Stormwater Management. Visit their Regulatory page here

Floodplain Alteration:


  • Dredging in the beds, banks, or shores of any public water, basin, or watercourse

Shoreline and Streambank Stabilization:

Waterbody Crossings & Structures:

  • Placing or replacing roads, highways, utilities or other structures in contact with the bed or bank of any water body
  • Building a bridge or related crossing of any water body
  • Enclosing a water body within a pipe
  • Directional boring underneath a waterbody

Appropriations Rule:

  • All projects within Hennepin County that  take up to 10,000 gallons per day and up to 1,000,000 gallons per year of surface water for a nonessential use from:
    • A public water basin or wetland that is less than 500 acres in surface size
    • A protected watercourse that has a drainage area of less than 50 square miles
  • *Lake Minnetonka is not subject to the appropriations rule

Illicit Discharge:

  • Projects that propose a new direct connection or the replacement of an existing connection to the District's MS4 conveyance system