Erosion Control:

  • Exposing 5,000 square feet of soil
  • Grading, excavating, filling, or on-site storing of 50 cubic yards of soil

Floodplain Alteration:

Wetland Protection:

  • Draining, filling, or excavating of a wetland
  • Any project that already requires a permit under the Stormwater Management or Waterbody Crossings & Structures rule, if there is a wetland on the property
  • Building on undeveloped lots or tear down/rebuild projects that increases the amount of hard surface


  • Dredging in the beds, banks, or shores of any public water, basin, or watercourse

Shoreline and Streambank Stabilization:

Waterbody Crossings & Structures:

  • Placing or replacing roads, highways, utilities or other structures in contact with the bed or bank of any water body
  • Building a bridge or related crossing of any water body
  • Enclosing a water body within a pipe
  • Directional boring underneath a waterbody

Stormwater Management:

  • Work that will increase the area of impervious surface or change land contours to alter the drainage ways, increase peak runoff rates, or affect the quality of stormwater flows. This applies to residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, or public land development or redevelopment projects.