Cold Storage Acquisition

Opening Minnehaha Creek to an entire community
325 Blake Road


Project Status: 
Current Status: 

(Updated May 6, 2013) -- The tenants of the building are still under lease. Staff are in the process of planning the stormwater treatment features and creek corridor improvements for the site. In Spring 2013, the District began investigating the site and its soils to help with planning for future development, stormwater management improvements and the planned trail corridor. 

About this project: 

On September 29, 2011, the MCWD Board of Managers approved the purchase of a 16.9 acre piece of proprety adjacent to Minnehaha Creek in Hopkins. 

The project will improve water quality in the Minnehaha Creek, protect the tax base and benefit the community.  The $14.95 million purchase is part of a larger effort by the MCWD to restore Minnehaha Creek, which has been adversely impacted by industrial development over the years. At the Blake Road property, the MCWD plans to restore about 1,000 feet of shoreline in one of the most degraded sections of the creek. The area will become a natural buffer to help clean and slow run-off water before it enters the creek, provide reasonable public access and improve water quality. The rest of the property will be sold for re-development, which is consistent with the city's comprehensive land use plan. A majority of the cost will be recouped. 

Learn more about the initiative in the documentary Liquid Assets: Reducing Runoff Helps Preserve the Environment (featuring Hopkins Mayor Gene Maxwell, MCWD Director of Planning, Projects and Land Conservation James Wisker, and MCWD Communications Director Telly Mamayek).