Early Detection for Non-Infested Lakes

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Current Status: 

(Updated March 2013): Early detection zebra mussel monitoring is ramping up in 2013. Staff will be out three times on most uninfested lakes this season, checking the shorelines via kayak for the invasive mussels. Early detection allows for rapid response to an infestation. 

About this project: 


High priority waterbodies will receive annual monitoring based upon the use-patterns, shoreline development and interconnectedness of those waterbodies, giving them a higher risk for an AIS infestation. Early detection of AIS allows for rapid response to an infestation and gives us a better shot at control efforts or possible removal.

Monitoring includes a weekly check of a boat launch sampler plate and shoreline, as well as a yearly snorkel survey at other high risk areas around the lake. Tow nets are also used to sample for zebra mussel veligers and spiny waterflea.