Go Blue Diamond Lake Community Makeover

A Clean Water Story
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In South Minneapolis, the water quality of Diamond Lake has suffered in recent decades.  In fact, the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District’s (MCWD) analysis of water testing designated the water quality grade as “F”.  This is largely a result of water coming off roofs, yards, and streets in the 690-acre Diamond Lake watershed and ends up in the lake - bringing pollutants, debris and dirt with it.

Concerned citizens worked with the statewide nonprofit Minnesota Waters (through the MCWD Watershed Association Initiative Program) to form the Friends of Diamond Lake.  The lake association completed a lake management plan which includes a goal to champion projects by home owners to reduce storm-water runoff.  The Friends of Diamond Lake partnered with MCWD to apply for Clean Water Fund grant money.

The resulting Go Blue! Diamond Lake Community Makeover Project provided property owners with up to 50 percent cost share for a variety of stormwater mitigation projects, including the installation of raingardens, permeable pavers, rain barrels, trees and rainwater capture and reuse systems.

Actual Outcomes

The results from this project include the installation of 25 raingardens, 14 permeable pavement systems, 22 rain barrels, 3 RainXchange capture and reuse systems, and 4 tree plantings.  These will reduce stormwater runoff to Diamond Lake by approximately 1.5 million gallons each year and reduce 3.3 lbs per year of phosphorous.  It is estimated that 1 lb of phosphorous can produce around 500 lbs of algae.  The projects were completed in  December 2011.

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