Water Levels Update

(Updated Friday, June 2)

Thanks to a stretch of dry weather, we were finally able to lower the discharge from Gray's Bay Dam to 150 cubic feet per second (cfs) on Thursday, June 1. We anticipate discharging at this rate through the weekend. Before paddling the creek, we recommend checking the USGS gauge at Hiawatha Ave, as this page will have the most up to date information about how fast the creek is flowing. Wetlands and smaller streams are still adding water to the creek, so flows may be above the recommended flow for paddling (150 cfs) this weekend.

Rainfall Summary: May 15-May 21

Lake Minnetonka level (see attached graph)

  • Lake Minnetonka rose 5.88-inches from May 15 to May 22
  • The current elevation of Lake Minnetonka is 929.72 feet above sea level
  • The ?ideal? lake elevation for this time of year is approximately 929.30 feet above sea level

Minnehaha Creek flow

  • Minnehaha Creek peaked at ~375 cubic feet per second (cfs) on May 17 at 8pm
  • Minnehaha Creek is currently flowing at ~259 (cfs) according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) gage at Hiawatha Avenue
  • The Gray's Bay dam discharge was increased this morning (May 22) from 150 cfs to 250 cubic cfs in an effort to regain storage capacity on Lake Minnetonka
    • The discharge will likely remain near 250 cfs (noted as "Zone 1" on the attached graph) until Lake Minnetonka reaches an elevation near 929.60 or until a large rain event is predicted

Online Resources

 We will continue to monitor water levels, coordinate with the NWS, and local communities.