2.5.5 Floodplain

Floodplain is shown on Figure 15.  In 2005 the District completed an evaluation of flood elevations on Minnehaha Creek, and four upper watershed streams: Gleason Creek, Long Lake Creek, Painter Creek, and Six Mile Creek.  Figure 15 shows the elevations of floodplains modeled by the District and other floodplains in the subwatershed.

MCWD recognizes a floodplain for Lake Minnetonka of 931.5? (NGVD, 1929) based on a study completed in conjunction with the 1997 Comprehensive Water Resources Management Plan.  In 2002, sustained high water levels on Lake Minnetonka resulted in flood damage to non-conforming homes and structures within the floodplain.  The 931.5? 100-year floodplain elevation is the standard that will be applied across Lake Minnetonka to create uniform application and protection of property.