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4.16 Regulation

Goal 16 - Regulation

Promote effective planning to minimize the impact of development and land use change on water resources as well as achieve watershed District Goals.


The District's regulatory program is the means by which many of the goals enumerated here would be accomplished.  As development and redevelopment occurs, property owners and developers are required to treat and control stormwater, limit impacts to wetlands, and meet other standards.   Additional regulation may be necessary in the Six Mile Marsh subwatershed to implement the actions in this Plan.

Desired Outcomes:  Utilize regulatory program to cost-effectively manage land use to achieve other goals.


  • Acre-feet volume abstraction
  • In-lake nutrient concentrations/Trophic State Index Scores (TSI) for Halsteds Bay and the lakes in the subwatershed
  • Nutrient loading goals (lbs) for Halsteds Bay and the lakes in the subwatershed
  • Wetland quantity (acres)

Goal 16.1 - Six Mile Marsh

In consultation with LGUs through an appropriate rulemaking process, amend existing or adopt new rules to implement the actions identified here within two years of adoption of this plan.


  1. Amend District rules as set forth in this Plan within two years of adoption of this plan.
  2. Provide technical assistance to LGUs in the implementation of existing or new rules.
    1. Develop and distribute model ordinances and design standards that could be used to implement existing or new rules.
    2. Sponsor educational opportunities for LGU staff, developers, elected and appointed officials and other interested parties to provide practical information and opportunities for sharing experiences.
    3. Promote ?Conservation Ordinances? related to low-impact development, tree-preservation, open space preservation, etc.