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5.4 Monitoring and Data Collection

Hydrologic Data Program

To monitor progress toward meeting water quality and quantity goals, monitoring of Lake Minnewashta and Virginia will continue to be a part of the District's Hydrodata program.  Lakes Tamarack and St. Joe would be enrolled in and monitored through the Metropolitan Council Citizen Assisted Lake Monitoring Program.

Aquatic Vegetation

Lake aquatic plant monitoring provides information needed to manage aquatic plants, evaluate control measures, and plan for future actions.   This monitoring is especially useful as water quality management activities are implemented and plant communities change in response to changing water quality.  Baseline aquatic vegetation surveys have been completed by the City of Chanhassen for Lake Minnewashta and Lake St. Joe, and should be updated within five years.  Baseline data is still required for Virginia and Tamarack.  Data would be used to develop aquatic vegetation management plans for each lake.  The estimated cost of developing a management plan where baseline data exists is $2,000 per plan.   The estimated cost of conducting the survey and preparing the management plan for Lakes Virginia and Tamarack is $7,000 each.   The estimated cost for conducting a shoreline erosion survey if done separate from a vegetation survey is $3,000.  The vegetation survey should be updated by staff/contractor every five years at an estimated cost of $5,000 each for the smaller lakes and $8,000 for Lake Minnewashta.  Interim monitoring could be conducted by trained volunteers.