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5.5 Operations and Maintenance

Activities detailed in this implementation plan will require new ongoing operations and maintenance activities in this subwatershed.  Construction of a regional treatment pond will require ongoing inspections, maintenance, and sediment removal.  Future potential restoration of wetlands will require ongoing inspection and vegetation maintenance.

Table 10.  Potential ongoing operations and maintenance tasks and responsible parties for proposed Schutz Lake improvement projects.

TaskTreatment PondsWetland RestorationsStream RestorationsSpringSummerFall
Routine InspectionxxxEarly and After StormAfter StormLate and After Storm
Vegetation Management xxAs neededAs neededAs needed
General Upkeepxx RegularlyRegularlyRegularly
Debris and Trash Removalx  As neededAs neededAs needed
Inlet/Outlet Cleaningxx As neededAs neededAs needed
Minor Erosion RepairxxxAs neededAs neededAs needed

Note: Responsible parties would be determined by negotiation at the time of project proposal