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Citizens Advisory Committee

The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) advises the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District Board of Managers on matters affecting the interest of the Watershed District to help advance our vision of Balanced Urban Ecology throughout the watershed.

To advise and support the District Board of Managers, CAC members:

  • Consider issues relevant to the function and purposes of the Watershed District;
  • Examine, refine, and build upon the strategy and communications for the District’s key initiatives;
  • Review and advise on the budget, capital improvement plans, and District projects or activities;
  • Advise and assist in decision-making;
  • Raise issues of concern from the public.

The committee is made up of a cohort of watershed residents from throughout the watershed that bring a variety professional and personal backgrounds. 

Agendas and minutes of the Citizens Advisory Committee meetings.  
Learn more about the CAC here.