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Land & Water Partnership Initiative Technical Advisory Committee

We are forming a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to advise MCWD staff during our 2022 Land & Water Partnership Initaitive

We will be connecting with partners in June and July 2022 to form the Land & Water Partnership Initiative TAC. Individuals interested in serving on the TAC or recommending a colleague should complete our Land & Water Partnership Initiative Interest Form by August 1, 2022. 

Who can serve on the TAC?

  • MCWD is seeking staff representatives from partner agencies who interact with these programs, such as municipalities, counties, soil and water conservation districts, and park agencies. 

What would I be doing as a TAC Member?

  • Vet and refine the work products for the two program initiatives 
  • Advise on methods for improving ongoing engagement and coordination with public and private land use partners

How will MCWD select TAC members?

  • Members will be appointed by the MCWD Board of Managers
  • Considerations for TAC member selection will include: 
    • Target committee size of 15‐20 members
    • Desire for broad geographic/agency representation
    • Desire for representation across a variety of roles (e.g., planners, engineers, water resources, public works, regulators)
  • Please note other interested parties (policy makers, state agencies, other staff) will be invited to a Fall Stakeholder Gathering to learn about the work completed by the TAC and the rollout of MCWD's two initiatives  

What is the time commitment? 

  • The TAC will be asked to participate in six 2‐hour monthly meetings anticipated to occur between August - December 2022
  • The process will begin with in-person meetings and may be reevaluated based on changes in COVID transmission levels and MCWD protocols
  • Committee membership, structure, and meeting frequency will be reevaluated at the end of this series of discussions (early 2023), before transitioning to other topics