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The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD) budget outlines the annual financial plan for implementing our programs and projects. The MCWD structures its budget with a responsible, long-term perspective to reach shared MCWD and community goals for water quality and management while ensuring long-term capacity to provide quality service to residents.

The MCWD operates on a calendar financial year. Funded through local property taxes, the MCWD strives to be accountable to the public, state and local governments, and residents. Transparency is a critical part of being accountable. As a result, here you will find summary information on MCWD's budget.

The Budget Process

The MCWD follows an open, public process to review and adopt its annual budget and welcomes public input. Throughout the spring and summer, MCWD staff prepare annual work plans and budget drafts and review them with the Board of Managers.

In August, the MCWD Board of Managers establishes a preliminary budget and levy and holds a public hearing to solicit input from the community. In September, the Board of Managers adopts the budget and certifies the tax levy to Hennepin and Carver Counties.

Video: How MCWD is Funded

2022 Budget and Levy

The MCWD Board of Managers adopted its 2022 budget and certified its 2022 tax levy on September 9, 2021. A summary of the District's budget and workplan for 2022 is provided below along with a packet of detailed budget tables showing the breakdown for each program.