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June 14, 2018 Board Minutes





June 14, 2018




The regular meeting of the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District Board of Managers was called to order by President Sherry White at 7:05 p.m. at the District Office, 15320 Minnetonka Boulevard, Minnetonka, Minnesota.




Sherry White, Brian Shekleton, Richard Miller, Kurt Rogness, William Olson, and Jessica Loftus.




William Becker.




Also Present: James Wisker, Administrator, Cathy Reynolds, Operations Manager; Becky Christopher, Senior Policy Planner; Brian Beck, Research & Monitoring Program Manager; Anna Brown, Planner-Project Manager; Chris Meehan, District Consulting Engineer; and Louis Smith, District Counsel.




It was moved by Manager Miller, seconded by Manager Rogness, to approve the agenda as distributed.  Upon vote, the motion carried, 6-0.




Mr. James Wisker introduced Mr. Brian Beck, the new Manager of Research & Monitoring. Mr. Beck introduced himself to the Board of Managers and the Board welcomed him to the District.




Ms. Cathy Reynolds appeared before the Board of Managers and noted the information in the meeting packet concerning a donation from Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. She stated that this was simply an information item for the Board to acknowledge. Manager Miller suggested that the staff develop a policy to provide that any solicitation of donations must be approved by the Board of Managers. Mr. Wisker noted that in the case of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, there was no solicitation of a donation, and that the church expressed no desired use for the donation.  Manager Shekleton stated that he felt it would be helpful for the Board of Managers to adopt a policy and establish a process for acknowledgement of donations. Manager Olson stated that he felt it was helpful for the Board to discuss acceptance of donations. In response to a question from President White, Mr. Wisker noted that he would check on whether Prince of Peace Luther Church had previously received a cost share grant. Mr. Wisker stated that staff and legal counsel would develop a proposed policy.




It was moved by Manager Shekleton, seconded by Manager Rogness, to approve the Consent Agenda, consisting of approval of the May 24, 2018 Board minutes. Upon vote, the motion carried, 6-0.




Board, Committee, and Task Force Reports


President’s Report:


President White noted that the Minnesota Association of Watershed Districts (MAWD) is updating its process for consideration of resolutions and will begin this process earlier in the calendar year. The MAWD is also continuing to develop training opportunities. Mr. Wisker noted the extensive amount of communication from MAWD, and the managers invited him to use his judgment about keeping them aware of pertinent MAWD activities.     


Operations and Programs Committee: 


Manager Loftus reported that the committee had met earlier in the evening to undertake a detailed review of the budget process as well as operational priorities.


Citizens Advisory Committee Report:


Manager Loftus noted that she attended the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) on June 13, and that the committee has an ongoing interest and concern in how they can provide helpful advice to the Board of Managers. Some of the ideas include earlier engagement in the budget process, as well as more detailed agenda planning for the CAC. Manager Miller noted that the Board of Managers had also discussed the CAC’s role last year, and that it is important to utilize the talent and enthusiasm of the CAC in the work of the District. Mr. Wisker noted that he felt the CAC could be helpful in focusing fourth quarter priorities, streamlining of the rules, and long range policy thinking for the District. Manager Loftus also noted that the CAC would be updating its bylaws. 




Resolution 18-055: Authorization to Distribute Capital Improvement Plan for Annual Review and Comment


Ms. Becky Christopher appeared before the board of Managers and reviewed the request for Board Action. She noted that given the recent adoption of the Districts 10 year plan, there are no significant changes to the Capital Improvement Program at this point. It was moved by Manager Olson, seconded by Manager Shekleton, to adopt Resolution 18-055 as presented. Upon vote, the motion carried, 6-0.


Resolution 18-054: Authorization to Release Annual Report to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency


Ms. Becky Christopher reviewed the request for Board Action. President White noted that there were two illicit discharges mentioned in the report and requested that Ms. Christopher provide further information about those discharges. It was moved by Manager Miller, seconded by Manager Shekleton, to adopt Resolution 18-054 as presented. Upon vote, the motion carried, 6-0. 




Administrator’s Report:  Mr. Wisker reported on the following items:


  • District staff are engaging with Kraus Anderson in the master planning process for the redevelopment at 325 Blake Road; a top priority is to review the project concepts and achieve alignment among all of the parties;
  • Work is under way to decommission the cold storage site;
  • Kraus Anderson is inviting the District to tour its downtown block development on July 18;
  • The District staff joined staff from the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and the City of Minneapolis to bike and canoe the creek to gather information to inform the master planning process;
  • The District staff recently increased the discharge of Lake Minnetonka in anticipation of upcoming rains, the discharge at Gray’s Bay is currently 50 cfs and the level of Lake Minnetonka is 929.29; the District staff is also coordinating management of the Nokomis weir.




There being no further business, the meeting of the Board of Managers was adjourned at 7:36 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Kurt Rogness, Secretary

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Board of Managers