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Renae Clark

Job Title: 
Policy and Grants Coordinator
  • Renae ClarkHas worked at the MCWD since 2001, previously holding the positions of Compliance Officer and Permitting Officer as head of the District's Permitting Program. 
  • Recent notable projects:
    • Worked on the creation of Cottageville Park in Hopkins
    • Worked on the District's restoration of Minnehaha Falls/Glen. This was a $6,000,000 effort designed and constructed by Minnehaha Creek Watershed District with several partners including the MPRB, State of MN and USACE. 
    • Successfully managed the design and construction of 3,000 feet of shoreline on Orono's Big Island Park. 
    • Managed design and construction of 16,000 SF pervious concrete parking lot and oversees maintenance of District regional stormwater ponds and wetland restorations. 
B.S., Soil and Water Conservation