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Mission, Vision and Goals


A landscape of vibrant communities where the natural and built environments in balance create value and enjoyment. 


We collaborate with public and private partners to protect and improve land and water for current and future generations.

Guiding Principles

  • Partnership - We seek to understand the goals of others so that we can meaningfully integrate our work to add broader value to the community. 
  • Innovation – We are flexible and creative in our approach and strive for continuous improvement.
  • Excellence – We commit to work that achieves outstanding results and honors our partners.
  • Sound Science – We are a trusted source of scientific data and analyses that provide the foundation for wise decisions.
  • Service – We are responsive and accountable to our communities and careful stewards of public funds.


  • Water Quality – To preserve and improve the quality of surface and ground waters.
  • Water Quantity – To manage the volume and flow of stormwater runoff to minimize the impacts of land use change on surface and ground waters.
  • Ecological Integrity – To restore, maintain, and improve the health of ecological systems.
  • Thriving Communities – To promote and enhance the value of water resources in creating successful, sustainable communities.