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Watershed Management Plan

Minnehaha Creek Watershed District’s fourth generation Watershed Management Plan (Plan) was adopted on January 11, 2018 and sets the vision and priorities for the organization for the period of 2018-2027. The Plan expands upon the 2007 plan's extensive technical understanding of the watershed's resources, and emphasizes collaboration with communities to align water resource goals with local land use goals. The Plan establishes clear priorities to focus the District's work, while providing the flexibility to respond to needs and opportunities identified through this coordination.

The Plan is organized into three volumes. The first volume provides an executive summary of the Plan, outlining the District’s new mission and a high-level framework of how the District will achieve that mission. The second volume contains a synthesis of all pertinent data used in identifying specific resource issues and acts as the District library of all studies and data collected. The third volume expands on the District’s implementation framework; defines issues, drivers, and management strategies for each of the District’s 11 subwatersheds; and establishes priorities based on resource needs and opportunities created through integration with land use planning.

Below are links to the complete Plan document as well as individual volumes (for faster loading):

Watershed Management Plan Cover: Minnehaha Creek Watershed District Watershed Management Plan January 11, 2018 MCWD logoComplete Watershed Management Plan (PDF, may take a few minutes to load, best viewed in two-page view using Adobe Reader)
Volume 1 Executive SummaryVolume 1: Executive Summary (PDF, best viewed in two-page view using Adobe Reader)
Volume 2 Land and Natural Resources InventoryVolume 2: Land and Natural Resources Inventory (PDF, best viewed in two-page view using Adobe Reader)
Volume 3 Implementation PlanVolume 3: Implementation Plan (PDF, best viewed in two-page view using Adobe Reader)
Appendix A Local Water Plan RequirementsAppendix A: Local Water Plan Requirements (PDF, best viewed in two-page view using Adobe Reader)
Appendix B Stakeholder Input ProcessAppendix B: Stakeholder Input Process (PDF, best viewed in two-page view using Adobe Reader)

Plan Development Process

Development of the MCWD Plan involved an extensive stakeholder process, including a series of meetings with technical, policy, and citizen advisory committees to discuss and vet the District’s approach; subwatershed meetings to discuss local priorities and plans; and other targeted outreach efforts to local policymakers and technical staff. 

The development of the Plan also involved an extensive internal strategic planning process with the MCWD staff and Board of Managers to refine and update the organization's mission, vision, and goals; evaluate District programs; and define clear and focused priorities for each program and the District as a whole.

The Plan development process is detailed in Appendix B.

Additional Resources

2017 Plan Preview Booklet (full screen)

2017 Plan Preview Booklet (PDF)

2007 Comprehensive Water Resources Management Plan (may take a few minutes to load)