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Education Materials

The MCWD has a variety of AIS-related materials available for local communities, community groups, business owners and private citizens. To request print copies or discuss customizing the materials with your group's logo, contact MCWD's Communications Director.

Boat Launch Signage

The MCWD has adapted a series of signs from Hennepin County to encourage users to clean their boats, compost bait, and stop the spread of AIS. The county went through an extensive planning and testing process to ensure the signs are effective. The MCWD may be able to help with the cost of providing the signs at your city or organization's boat launch. Contact the MCWD Aquatic Ecologist for more information. 

Sample Clean Drain Dry signs   Sample Clean Drain Dry signs  

MCWD Clean Drain Dry floating keychain

Floating Key Chain (PDF)

We hand out our floating key chain at events and boat launches across the watershed. We can assist you in producing your own floating key chains.