2.2.1 Topography and Drainage

The subwatershed is mainly located within the Lonsdale-Lerdal till region, an area characterized by thinly spread glacial drift and circular, level-topped hills with low slopes, small streams, numerous lakes and peat bogs.   The western edge of the subwatershed is within the Waconia-Waseca moraine, a landform characterized by numerous lakes and wetland areas formed when glacial ice fell apart.  It is defined by circular, level topped hills with smooth sides and steeper slopes.  The 2003 MCWD Hydrologic, Hydraulic, and Pollutant Loading Study (HHPLS) subdivided the subwatershed into 66 subwatershed units, designated SMC-1 through SMC-66 (see Figure 2).  

The subwatershed is drained by Six Mile Creek, which flows 11 miles from Lake Pierson to Halsteds Bay of Lake Minnetonka.