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February 6, 2019 CAC Minutes




Wednesday, February 6, 2019


Members Present

Bill Bushnell, Jerry Ciardelli, Brian Girard, Drew McGovern, Richard Nyquist, David Oltmans, Peter Rechelbacher, Marc Roenberg and John Salditt.

Managers Present

Bill Becker

Others Present

MCWD staff— Tom Dietrich, Becky Christopher, Telly Mamayek and Darren Lochner

Approval of Agenda and Minutes

It was moved Rechelbacher to approve the agenda and Girard provided the second.   All members approved the February agenda.

The CAC reviewed the January minutes and Oltmans moved to approve the minutes and Ciardelli provided the second. All members approved the January minutes.

Discussion Items:

Permitting – Identification of Direction – Dietrich

The February 6th Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting was an opportunity to summarize discussions on the MCWD Permitting.

A summary of the ‘to do’ list and next steps have been identified by MCWD staff:

  1. Revise rule text for clarity;
  2. Construct rules to incentivize early coordination and staged submittals;
  3. Construct rules to reflect a focus on standards (rather than submittals);
  4. Assess scope;
  5. Simplify and streamline the administrative process;
  6. Identify and pursue IT improvements (part of District-wide plan);
  7. Refine the prioritization framework to dial in site selection effectiveness;
  8. Refine the financial assurance and escalation processes for crispness and clarity;
  9. Construct the partnership framework;
  10. Investigate incentives in the rule text to encourage partnerships (e.g. Environmental PUD)

Next Steps for the Permitting Program:

  • Engage the PPC to further stress test the Direction of Permitting - March 2019
  • Engage external committees (TAC & PAC) - Summer 2019
  • Research, data gathering, and drafting - Through 2019
  • Re-engage the CAC, PPC, and external committees to gather feedback on results - Early 2020
  • Adoption - Mid to late 2020

Strategic Communications - Mamayek

The purpose of this presentation was to review the draft goals and the process for creating an organizational strategic communications plan for the MCWD for implementation in 2020.

The development of the 2020 Strategic Communications Plan will be a two-part process that will involve the consultant working closely with the MCWD to inform and create the plan. The process of how to work with the consultant, including identifying members of the team that will be involved and determining the role of the Board and CAC, is still under development. 

Process and timeline:

Staff proposes the following process for selecting the consultant and drafting the 2020 Strategic Communications Plan:

  • February - March: CAC and Board review; issue RFP
  • April – May: Interview applicants and select consultant
  • June - July: Discovery
  • August - October: Build the plan
  • November - December: Review, refine and adopt plan
  • January 2020: Implement plan

Next Steps:

Following the February 6 update to the CAC, staff plans to bring the RFP to the Board for approval at its meeting on February 28. 

CAC had questions about the goals of the strategic communications plan and staff provided an overview of their connection to the Districts strategic plan.  There were other questions about the execution of the plan and implementation and the CAC will be updated throughout the process.

Information Items and Updates:
CAC member updates

There was an update on some of the NextDoor comments regarding Arden Park. The City of Edina does follow the comments and MCWD does receive regular updates. NextDoor is social media platform that MCWD does not actively contribute to due to the nature of the comments and interaction of the users.

Board updates
Manager Becker has been impressed by the involvement of the CAC and thanked everyone for their service and continuous input.  Encouraged the CAC to stay engaged with MCWD programming.

Meeting adjourned 9:43 p.m.

Next Meeting is Wednesday, March 6, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.

Dick Miller is the Board of Manager Liaison

Minutes or Agenda?: