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January 15, 2020 CAC Meeting



Board Room

Minnehaha Creek Watershed District Offices

15320 Minnetonka Boulevard

Minnetonka, MN 55345


Board of Managers:

Sherry White, President; William Olson, Vice President; Jessica Loftus, Treasurer;

Kurt Rogness, Secretary; Richard Miller, Manager; Arun Hejmadi, Manager; Eugene Maxwell, Manager


Board Liaison: Bill Olson


6:30 pm                      1.      Committee Meeting Call to Order and Roll Call                             

                                    2.      Approval of Agenda (Additions/Corrections/Deletions)

                                             2.1   Approval of January 15, 2020 Agenda

                                    3.      Approval of Minutes (Additions/Corrections/Deletions)

                                             3.1    Approval of December 11, 2019 Minutes

                                    4.      Discussion Items

                                             4.1    Outreach – Strategy/Implementation – Tier 2 Audience Focus – Wisker

                                    5.      Information Items and Updates

                                             5.1    CAC Member Updates

                                             5.2    Board Liaison Updates

                                             5.3    Staff Updates

                                    6.      Adjournment   


Upcoming Meeting

February 5, 2020 Citizen Advisory Committee (Gene Maxwell, Board Liaison)

Minutes or Agenda?: