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January 18, 2023 CAC Meeting


Wednesday, January 18, 2023 



MCWD Office, Board Room 


Board of Managers:

Sherry White, President; William Olson, Vice President; Jessica Loftus, Treasurer;

Eugene Maxwell, Secretary; Richard Miller, Manager; Arun Hejmadi, Manager; Steve Sando, Manager


Board Liaison: Manager Miller


Citizens Advisory Committee Members:

Emily Balogh, Marcy Bean, Dan Flo, Lisa Fowler, Robert Glisky, Laurie Goldsmith, John Iverson, Suzanne Jiwani, Drew McGovern, Rich Nyquist, David Oltmans, Cassy Ordway, Marc Rosenberg, Denise Tennen



6:30 pm                      1.         Committee Meeting Call to Order and Roll Call

                                                Introduction of new members - Maul                        

                                    2.         Approval of Agenda (Additions/Corrections/Deletions)

                                                2.1 January 18, 2023 agenda

                                    3.         Approval of Minutes (Additions/Corrections/Deletions)

                                                3.1 November 9, 2022 minutes

                                    4.         Action Items

4.1 2023 Executive Team Election

7:00pm                       5.         Discussion Items

5.1  MCWD “Look Ahead” - Wisker

8:10pm                       6.         Informational Items + Updates

6.1 CAC Member Updates

            Presentation of recognition for Bushnell, Salditt, and Rechelbacher

6.2 Board Liaison Updates

            Adoption of Climate Action Framework

            Acceptance of Historic Insights and Principles of Success

            Acceptance of CAC Diagnostic

            Authorization of East Auburn Wetlands Feasibility

6.3 Staff Updates

                                                      MCWD Awards

Website Update

2D Model Update

                                                        2022 Elections Summary

                                                        Long Lake Creek Roadmap Update

                                                        325 Blake Road Update

                                                        Land & Water Partnership Initiative Update

8:30pm                       7.         Adjournment


Upcoming Meeting

Wednesday, March 15, 2023 Citizens Advisory Committee Meeting (Manager Olson, Board Liaison)

Minutes or Agenda?: