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18-273 Topside Subdivision-Board Consideration

18-273: Judson Dayton has applied for a MCWD permit for subdivision of land and construction of a new single family home at 825 Old Crystal Bay Road in Orono. MCWD regulates this under Erosion Control, Stormwater Management and Wetland Protection rules. The applicant has requested a 7 foot variance from the minimum buffer width requirement to retain an existing driveway which is located 8 feet from a wetland. No wetland impacts are proposed.

MCWD Board of Managers will be requested to take action on this variance at their meeting on July 12, 2018 at 7:00 PM in the Community Room at the District Office.

Individuals with questions or concerns regarding the proposed permit application may contact Elizabeth Showalter at 952-641-4518 or If you plan to attend this meeting, please call to confirm that the item is on the agenda or check the MCWD website at 

825 Old Crystal Bay Road, Orono
Name of Applicant: 
Judson Dayton