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Public Notice for Permit 21-496

The Minnehaha Creek Watershed Distrct (MCWD) Board of Managers is considering MCWD permit application 21-496 as described below and is scheduled to take action on the permit at the September 23rd, 2021 Board Meeting. MCWD Rules require notice to all property owners within 600' of the proposed permitted area as a courtesy, in the event there are any questions regarding a permit undergoing Board consideration.


The Minnehaha Creek Watershed has applied for a District permit for Erosion Control, Stormwater Management, and Wetland Protection, and an Exception to the Stormwater Management rule for the use of enhanced pervious areas for treatment. The project entails the construction of a pedestrian trail and interpretive elements at 7701, 7790, and 8015 Halstead Drive, Minnetrista. The project meets District standards.  


If you have questions or concerns, please contact Abigail Ernst at If you plan to attend this meeting, please contact Abigail Ernst to ensure you are supplied with the proper login instructions.

7701, 7790, and 8015 Halstead Drive, Minnetrista.
Name of Applicant: 
Minnehaha Creek Watershed District