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MCWD Grants Program

MCWD will not be accepting applications for cost share grants at this time. We are reviewing opportunities to align our grants program with our strategic priorities and ensure MCWD funds are put to their highest and best use. We are continuing to support the Master Water Stewards program and capstone projects, honor commitments made to applicants who have been approved for funding, and offer resources and trainings for individuals interested in learning more about clean water practices. Click here for the latest education offerings

For information on other grants programs that fund natural resource improvements, contact your local municipality. You can also visit Hennepin County's website or Carver County's website and enter "cost share" in the search bar. Hennepin County also offers environmental education grants. For more information on that program, visit Hennepin County's website and enter "green partners" in the search bar.

Thank you for your interest in protecting and improving clean water!