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Kids cleaning a storm drainAlthough there is still a lot of snow on the ground, we are excited to let you know about a new program that will be launching soon: Adopt a Drain! This metro-wide program will provide you an easy way to take steps in your own neighborhood to protect your local lake, river or stream from pollution.

When the snow melts or when it rains, that water flows untreated to local lakes, rivers and streams through storm drains, taking with it any pollutants, debris, and litter in its path. This polluted water, called stormwater runoff, harms habitat for wildlife and hinders our recreational enjoyment of Minnehaha Creek, Lake Minnetonka, and other waters across our watershed. With so many storm drains in the 29 communities that make up the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD), residents can be partners in our efforts to provide and protect clean water by volunteering to keep the drains in their neighborhood clean.

The Adopt a Drain program will serve the entire seven-county metro area and is among the largest such efforts in...

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