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Volunteer Your Time

Opportunities for volunteering within the MCWD:


MCWD participates in a variety of educational events throughout the year. Please contact the Education and Engagement Coordinator for more information.

Storm Drain Cleanups

Looking for a volunteer opportunity for your local organization/school/neighborhood/business? Storm drain cleanups are a great way to make a direct impact locally and stop pollutants from going down the stormdrain which would eventually end up in our rivers, lakes, and streams.  Cleaning up our water bodies is important - but with a storm drain cleanup you can target pollutants before they pollute our waters. MCWD has storm drain cleanup kits for loan that include dustpans, brushes, trash bags, and gloves - along with instructions for best practices.  Contact the Education and Engagement Coordinator for more information.


WHEP offers youth (ages 8-19) the opportunity to learn about wildlife habitat management and fisheries management. After the program, participants will be able to judge the quality of a wildlife habitat, have a broader understanding of habitat management practices, and have learned about damage management. The program is a hands-on environmental education program that has been awarded the Conservation Education Award by The Wildlife Society in 1996 and is proud to certify wildlife biologists nationwide.

Carver County opportunities

Carver County has a variety of volunteer opportunities available to help protect water quality in MCWD and Carver County.  Opportunities include "Adopt-A-Water" to pick up litter along shorelines, community cleanups for water quality, citizen monitoring programs, and forming a lake/stream association.