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1.0 Introduction and Summary

The Gleason Lake subwatershed is located along the northern boundary of the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD or District) and within the cities of Plymouth, Wayzata, Orono, and Minnetonka.  The subwatershed includes Gleason Lake, several other lakes, Gleason Creek, and numerous wetlands.  A county ditch system and other channels drain the upper subwatershed to Gleason Lake, which outlets by Gleason Creek.  That creek flows 0.9 miles through channel and culvert to Glenbrook Pond in Wayzata.  That pond outlets by a storm sewer that discharges downstream to Wayzata Bay of Lake Minnetonka.  Other lakes of interest in the subwatershed include Hadley Lake, Kreatz Lake, and Snyder Lake. 

Gleason Lake does not meet its water quality goal.   No goals were established for the other lakes, and limited data is available to assess their water quality.  Gleason Creek conveys high phosphorus and sediment loads downstream.  Water quality, lack of habitat, and hydrology limit the ecological integrity of Gleason Creek.  Gleason Lake is a moderate quality panfishery, while no fish survey data is available for the other lakes.   A limited number of high-value wetlands are present in the subwatershed.

Over the next ten years, the District's focus in the Gleason Lake subwatershed will be on protecting and improving water quality in the lakes and Creek and controlling the volume of stormwater runoff within the subwatershed.  The following will be particular focus areas:

  • Minimizing impacts on water resources from future development through enhanced regulation that requires higher levels of pollutant removal and increased infiltration of runoff.
  • Investigating and improving water quality in Gleason Lake through additional diagnostic study and construction of improvement projects.
  • Conserving ecological integrity in the subwatershed through activities in key conservation areas.
  • Improving ecological integrity in Gleason Creek through the improvement of its water quality and installation of habitat features.