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Am I in the District?

Minnehaha Creek Watershed includes all or part of 27 cities and two townships in Hennepin and Carver counties. Enter your address in the map below to find out if you are in the watershed. NOTE: Do not include "MN" in the city field. Type only "Excelsior" and not "Excelsior, MN."

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There are multiple watersheds within Hennepin county.  To find which you are located within and the corresponding Watershed District, Watershed Management Organization or Watershed Management Commission, follow the directions below. 

Step 1:  Visit Hennepin Property Interactive Map

Step 2:  Type in your address using the following example format

            1234 Elm Ln, Minneapolis

Step 3:  To the left of the map, look for Watershed Dist. under the heading Tax District.

Step 4:  Match the number found under Watershed Dist. to the corresponding number on the Hennepin County Watershed Key below

Hennepin County Watershed Key

0 = Elm Creek Watershed Management Commission
1 = Nine Mile Creek Watershed District
2 = Lower Minnesota River Watershed District
3 = Minnehaha Creek Watershed District
4 = Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed District
5 = Rice Creek Watershed District
6 = Mississippi Watershed Management Organization
7 = Basset Creek Water Management Commission
8 = Shingle Creek Watershed Management Commission

You may also view our District map to see if you are within the MCWD.