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Permit Fees

The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD) requires a $10.00 fee when submitting a Permit Application.  The following additional fees apply to various MCWD services.

The MCWD Board of Managers has approved the following fee schedule:

  • District Professional Staff:   $65.51/hour
  • District Permitting Assistants:   $40.35/hour
  • District Clerical Staff:   $46.69/hour
  • Consulting Senior Engineer:   Contracted rate
  • Consulting Engineer/Technician:   Contracted rate
  • District Counsel:   Contracted rate
  • Permit Application Fee:   $10.00
  • Black and White Photocopy Costs:   $0.25/page + actual staff time
  • Color Photocopies:   $1.00/page + actual staff time

Important Notes:

Please make payment by check only. Credit cards or cash will not be accepted.

District expenses for postage, mailing labels, contracted services, and other miscellaneous services will be billed at cost. The Permit Application Fee applies to all permits.

No permit fee will be charged to any agency of the United States or any governmental unit in the State of Minnesota.