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325 Blake Road Redevelopment

325 Blake Road


Project Status: 
Current Status: 

The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD) is currently visioning the future redevelopment of the 325 Blake Road site in Hopkins. We are excited about the site’s potential to integrate a restored Minnehaha Creek with a transit-oriented, mixed-use development along the planned Southwest Light Rail Transit (SWLRT) line.


We are starting to plan the greenway and stormwater components based on technical info, data that has been collected by our Research & Monitoring Department, and project feasibility. This work will be coordinated with master planning for future redevelopment that is mixed-use, transit-oriented, and invites the public into the Minnehaha Creek green space and trail system. Master planning efforts will include opportunities for community involvement.


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About this project: 

Drone aerial of cleared site at 325 Blake Road325 Blake Road, which was home to a large cold storage warehouse, is the centerpiece of the Minnehaha Creek Greenway restoration. We purchased the site in 2011 as a key piece of the Minnehaha Creek Greenway, which will provide 109 acres of a connected corridor of restored creek and habitat through St. Louis Park and Hopkins, providing more opportunities for the public to view and access Minnehaha Creek while improving water quality. The project site is next to the creek, Cottageville Park, and the proposed Greenline Extension light rail station.

Of the site’s 17 acres, we will keep four acres to treat polluted stormwater that flows into the creek from approximately 270 acres of surrounding area and to restore more than 1,000 feet of creek frontage. The remaining 13 acres will be sold to transform the rest of the industrial site into a transit-oriented neighborhood.

Minnehaha Creek Greenway:

The Minnehaha Creek Greenway addresses the most degraded section of Minnehaha Creek. Historical ditching and straightening of the creek, draining of wetlands, and stormwater runoff made the creek largely inaccessible to the community and harmed water quality.

By working in partnership with the cities of Hopkins and St. Louis Park, organizations like Methodist Hospital and Japs-Olson, and community groups like the Blake Road Community Collaborative, we are restoring this area of the creek to reconnect people to this valued resource and improve water quality here and downstream.

Benefits of the Greenway when finished:

  • 109 acres of newly-accessible green space
  • 2.3 miles of new trails
  • 1.4 miles of restored creek
  • 297 pounds of phosphorus reduced
  • 440 acres of stormwater management
  • 30 acres of restored wetlands
  • New access to transit options

Map that shows completed and projected projects in the Minnehaha Creek Greenway

Community benefits and engagement:

The vision for 325 Blake Road was informed by a robust community input process. The community identified wanting a sustainable development that:

  • Features Minnehaha Creek
  • Allows public access to the creek and adjoining Minnehaha Creek Greenway, including Cottageville Park
  • Transit-oriented elements, including retail and parking and mixed-income housing.

The master developer will work closely with the project partners, including the community, to refine the vision and maximize opportunities for the site.

Environmental benefits:

By capturing stormwater and restoring habitat along Minnehaha Creek, we will be able to improve water quality and help meet federal pollution standards for the creek and downstream Lake Hiawatha.

This project will:

  • Treat 270 acres of stormwater from Hopkins, St. Louis Park, and Edina before it enters Minnehaha Creek
  • Restore more than 1,000 feet of Minnehaha Creek
  • Capture an estimated 181 pounds of phosphorus per year, potentially preventing more than 90,000 pounds of algae downstream

Economic benefits:

The City of Hopkins and Hennepin County are focusing on Blake Road for revitalization, including road calming features and making it more pedestrian-friendly. 325 Blake Road is located just north of Cedar Lake Regional Trail and the Blake Road Southwest Light Rail Transit Station will be located across the street with pedestrian access to the station located underneath Blake Road.

These elements make 325 Blake Road a prime location for housing and business redevelopment, which will ultimately contribute to the economic growth of the area.

Clean Water Land and Legacy Amendment logoFunding:

Portions of this project are funded by the Minnesota Public Facilities Authority, the Clean Water, Land, and Legacy Amendment, Hennepin County, and Metropolitan Council. Additional grant funds are being solicited to fund the demolition of the cold storage facility and implement the greenway restoration and stormwater management features.

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