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Arden Park Restoration


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Current Status: 

Construction is resuming in Arden Park after taking a pause during the spring thaw. As a reminder, the park will remain closed until work is completed this fall.

Over the winter, demolition and in-stream work was completed ahead of schedule. The new streambanks are stabilized by large wood structures and filled with seeds that will germinate this spring. These and other plants that will be planted later this spring will further anchor the streambanks, which are holding up well with the currently high creek flows. The creek is also reconnected to its floodplain where excess water is being stored. Other work that was completed included installing the abutments of the pedestrian bridges and stormwater swale crossings and the construction of the northern boardwalk.

Upcoming work:

  • Excavation work for the new shelter building, playground, and stormwater swales is underway
  • Construction on the stairs at the north end of the park is beginning
  • Eight large trees are being planted this spring and two additional large trees will be planted this fall (view video of tree planting)
  • Construction of the stormwater management features will start mid-May
  • Construction on the trails, steps to the hockey rink, and new creek accesses begins in late May
  • The two pedestrian bridges will be installed in late May


  • Construction of the new shelter building begins and continues into the fall
  • Planting occurs throughout the entire park

July - September

  • Major restoration activities wraps up
  • Construction of the new shelter building continues
  • Construction of the new playground begins in September 

For safety reasons, the park will remain closed until the project is completed later this fall. Park conditions are not safe for visitors, and access to the park is strictly forbidden, even during the pause in construction. Playgrounds can be found at most city parks, including Garden, Highlands, Pamela, Todd, and Wooddale.


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About this project: 

Remeandering Minnehaha Creek at Arden ParkThe City of Edina and Minnehaha Creek Watershed District are partnering to improve the creek, habitat and the public use experience in Arden Park. The project design is based on the concept plan that was developed with community input over the course of 2017 and refined with additional feedback throughout 2018. The Arden Park project combines park improvements with natural resource improvements within the Minnehaha Creek corridor, including more access to Minnehaha Creek for fishing and recreation, a drier green space, stormwater management, and an upgraded playground and park shelter building.

Project outcomes

  • Improved water quality – the stormwater management features of this project will keep 30 lbs of phosphorus out of Minnehaha Creek per year
  • Restored stream health and habitat – removing the 54th Street dam and remeandering Minnehaha Creek will restore over 2,100 feet of streambank and add 230 feet of stream length
  • 400+ new trees
  • Buckthorn and ash tree removal
  • Expanded pollinator habitat
  • New park shelter and playground
  • Upgraded hockey rink
  • Expanded trails and new boardwalk

Concept Plan

Arden Park Concept Plan

Timeline (subject to change) 

Dec - Jan 2018: Tree removal and demolition of park shelter, pedestrian bridge, and dam

Jan - Mar 2019: Remeandering Minnehaha Creek

May - Jun 2019: Trail and park facilities construction, installing utilities and stormwater management features, landscaping

Jul – Nov 2019: Landscaping, final creek restoration, and construction of playground

Project background

In 2014, the City of Edina and MCWD signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) identifying areas of collaboration within the realms of land use planning, stormwater management, economic development, flood mitigation, parks and public land management, greenway development, and water resource improvements. The restoration of Arden Park meets the goals of both the city and MCWD by restoring a degraded section of Minnehaha Creek and improving water quality while also updating the park facilities and providing new amenities.

Arden Park will be the latest in a series of improvements along Minnehaha Creek that is returning the formerly ditched and ignored stream into a vibrant, healthy and beautiful natural resource that connects and enhances the communities it flows through.

The project will complement the work that’s been done upstream by enhancing wildlife habitat, treating polluted stormwater, adding flood storage and improving access for recreation. Learn more about the Greenway improvements that have been completed so far.

Minnehaha Creek Greenway Map

Clean Water Fund logoFunding

The construction cost will be split between the City of Edina and MCWD. The project has received grant funding from the Clean Water Fund, the MN Department of Natural Resources' Conservation Partners Legacy, and Hennepin County's Natural Resources Opportunity Fund.

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