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East Dutch Lake Site

Protecting high quality maple-oak-basswood forest to protect Dutch Lake


Project Status: 
Woods by Dutch Lake
About this project: 

The District acquired this 19-acre property in 2008 to prevent the development of the 18-acre multi-aged maple-oak-basswood forest, and thereby protect water quality in Dutch Lake.  

As the Land Conservation Program seeks to protect water quality, it must protect wildflowers and native plants, such as Jack-in-the-pulpit, while seeking to eradicate invasive plants like garlic mustard and buckthorn from the site.

Westonka School District's Hilltop School children (first through fourth graders) are using the property as an outdoor classroom in environmental education, under an agreement between the Superintendent and the MCWD's Land Conservation Program staff.

The Westonka School District is using the property for outdoor environmental education.  The District is interested in working with others to develop additional education programs.