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Gleason Lake/Creek Water Cleanup Projects

Partnering to improve Gleason Lake

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Gleason Lake weir
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The Gleason Creek sub-watershed drains 3,900 acres of highly developed land into Wayzata Bay of Lake Minnetonka. In the early to mid 1990s, MCWD, the City of Wayzata and the Gleason Lake Improvement Association partnered together to come up with a solution to deal with water quality issues and flooding problems.

The Gleason Creek Improvements project was undertaken in two phases. The first phase was implemented as a 50/50 cost share between the City of Wayzata and the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD). This phase of the project focused on flood control and included a new outlet control structure for the lake, the expansion of an existing stormwater pond (Glenbrook Pond), the construction of a second pond (Lakeside Pond), and storm sewer improvements. The second phase of the project was undertaken solely by MCWD and focused on water quality improvements for Gleason Lake. Phase II included construction of a pond (Phase II Pond/ Gleason Lake North Pond) at the inlet of the lake. The project has improved flood control along Gleason Creek, solving flooding problems in downtown Wayzata. This project provides water quality benefits to Gleason Lake and Lake Minnetonka by decreasing phosphorus, sediment, and other pollutants entering the lakes.

In 2005, the Gleason North Shore Home Owners Association (GNSHOA) and the Gleason Lake Improvements Association approached MCWD about an outlot owned by the GNSHOA that was adjacent to the Gleason Lake North Pond. Both associations inquired as to whether or not there was interest on the part of MCWD to expand the existing pond. The GNSHOA granted an easement to MCWD at no charge for additional pond capacity. In 2008, the Gleason Lake North Pond was expanded, and it is estimated that pond efficiency has been improved from 15-35% which allows for more phosphorus removal.

Please see attachment below for a map of the Gleason Lake/ Creek Improvements.

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