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Meadowbrook Golf Course Restoration

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Flooded Meadowbrook Golf CourseThe historic high water of 2014 took a particular toll on Meadowbrook Golf Course in St. Louis Park. A flooded Minnehaha Creek left much of the course under water and caused an estimated $2 million dollars in damage due to dead turf, damaged greens, drowned trees, washed out paths and more.

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB), which owns the course, spent nearly three years reviewing the golf course configuration to determine if play could be improved while making it less prone to flooding and damage.  The course was rehabilitated in its existing configuration while MPRB and the District continue partnering to explore course re-design options. It is a unique opportunity to restore a stretch of Minnehaha Creek within one of the District's area of focus.

This project will be the latest extension of the "Minnehaha Greenway," the product of MCWD's massive restoration of Minnehaha Creek through its most degraded section in St. Louis Park and Hopkins. The Greenway, when finished, will be 109 acres of continuous natural area and trails along Minnehaha Creek, running from Blake Road in Hopkins to Excelsior Boulevard, and soon through Meadowbrook Golf Course and into Edina.

The Park Board and District are partnering on the re-design of the golf course, with the District taking the lead on improving the creek and riparian area within the course.  The stream has been straightened over the years and currently acts more as a ditch than a natural stream. The restoration plans include:

  • Returning natural curves to the stream
  • Creating areas to hold flood waters to make the golf course and surround properties less susceptible to flooding
  • Restoring wetlands on the course
  • Extending the Minnehaha Greenway trail system through the course