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Promenade at Wayzata


Project Status: 
Aerial of the Promenade Construction
About this project: 

Presbyterian Homes, the City of Wayzata and the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District have been involved in discussion on the redevelopment of the Wayzata Bay Center, located in the northeast quadrant of Lake Street and Superior Boulevard, since 2007. 

In 2008, the request of Presbyterian Homes, the District, the City of Wayzata and several consulting firms participated in a value engineering study to explore innovative and cost-beneficial means to managing stormwater within this complex redevelopment.  

The stormwater management plan, implemented over three phases, includes: 

  • Underground infiltration systems designed to infiltrate 2.4 inches of runoff from 5 acres
  • Underground filtration systems designed to filter 4.0 inches of runoff from 5 acres
  • Replace and expand a stormwater basins below ground to treat and manage dischargerates from 2 acres of onsite and 20 acres of offsite runoff
  • The reduction and replacement of 1.1 acres of impervious surface with extensive (4-8") and intensive (3') green roofs
  • 80 miles of hydronic snowmelt tubing in 5 acres of streets and walks, reducing salt application from 32 tons/year to 0 tons/year