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Zebra Mussel Monitoring: Minnehaha Creek

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Person inspecting rock for zebra musselsLake Minnetonka was confirmed infested with zebra mussels in 2010, and all connected waters were designated as infested, including Minnehaha Creek, Lake Nokomis and Lake Hiawatha.  A weir separates Lake Nokomis from the creek, which will hopefully act as a barrier in keeping zebra mussels out of the lake. No zebra mussels have been found so far on Nokomis. In 2013, Minneapolis Parks and Rec Board staff found a small number of zebra mussels in Lake Hiawatha.

MCWD has conducted rapid assessment surveys for the presence or absence of zebra mussels along the bed of Minnehaha Creek. Based off of observations, MCWD AIS staff believe the zebra mussel population in the Minnehaha Creek is seasonal, meaning they die off each year, and are reintroduced each year from Lake Minnetonka. Observations from that inspection found a couple pieces of floating woody debris with zebra mussels attached, and this appears to be a very likely source of zebra mussels spreading further down the creek.