The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD) will hold a public hearing at the July 25, 2024, Board of Managers meeting at 7 PM for the Calvary Church Stormwater Management Project’s consideration of project ordering and proposed minor plan amendment.

The meeting will be held in person at MCWD’s office, located at 15320 Minnetonka Blvd, Minnetonka, MN 55345. Contact Kate Moran via email or at (952) 641-4520 with any questions regarding this meeting.

Consideration for Project Ordering

The proposed project is being led by the City of Deephaven with funding support from the MCWD. The project is located at 18360 Minnetonka Blvd in the City of Deephaven and includes construction of an underground infiltration system to reduce total phosphorus loads to Lake Louise, a wetland that drains to Lake Minnetonka. The estimated cost for the project is $620,000, with $125,000 in proposed funding from the MCWD’s ad valorem tax levy. Approximately 95.81% of the MCWD’s levy is allocated to Hennepin County and 4.19% is allocated to Carver County. 

MCWD Watershed Management Plan – Minor Plan Amendment

MCWD is proposing a minor plan amendment to adjust the Lake Minnetonka Subwatershed’s Capital Improvement Plan under Table 3.8, to incorporate the Calvary Church Stormwater Management Project for MCWD funding support.