Big Island Restoration -- North Side

Building on the momentum of the Big Island Restoration


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(Updated Feb. 20, 2014) -- Construction is completed on this project.  

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Building on the success of the MCWD's Big Island Restoration project, which stabilized shorelines at Orono's Big Island Park, the District partnered with Three Rivers Park District to restore approximately 1,200 feet of shoreline on Park District land on the northern side of Big Island. 

The shoreline has suffered severe erosion due to heavy boat traffic in the area, which causes unstable banks that fall into Lake Minnetonka and harm water quality. 

The District used similar techniques to its first Big Island restoration, including: 

  • Riprap
  • Bio rolls and coir block
  • Live stakes
  • Brush mattresses
  • Wetland seeds
  • Plugs
  • One-inch caliper trees

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