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In 2016, Hennepin County carried out road construction on Highway 101/Bushaway Road to add turn lanes and a bicycle/walking path. Highway 101 crosses Lake Minnetonka between Gray’s Bay and Wayzata Bay, so the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD) recognized the opportunity to capitalize on the county’s construction work by protecting and improving shoreline along the road. MCWD worked with Hennepin County to reconstruct the shoreline and add native vegetation, which reduces erosion, absorbs stormwater, provides wildlife habitat, beautifies the roadway, and reduces the risk of lake waves freezing on the road during winter months.

As part of this project, MCWD also partnered with the City of Minnetrista to carry out a separate wetland restoration, fulfilling a floodplain permit requirement related to the Highway 101 causeway project. This restoration, on a city-owned parcel along Jennings Bay near Painter Creek, increases water storage in case of flooding, and will help the city meet permitting requirements for future projects.

At a Glance

  • Minnetrista
  • Lake Minnetonka Subwatershed
  • Status: Complete
  • 2017

MCWD Staff Contact

Josh Wolf



Project Cost


Project Timeline

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Planning Phase

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Planning Phase

May 2014 — MCWD and Hennepin County sign a cooperative agreement for a shoreline restoration along CSAH 101 on Wayzata Bay

October 2014 — MCWD and City of Minnetrista sign a cooperative agreement for a wetland restoration/floodplain mitigation project along Jennings Bay

March 2015 — Project ordered through MCWD Board Resolution 15-029

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Design Phase

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Design Phase

April 2016 — Design phase for the Highway 101 shoreline restoration begins

June 2016 — Design phase for the Jennings Bay wetland restoration begins

August 2016 — Design for the Highway 101 shoreline restoration and Jennings Bay wetland restoration completed

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Construction Phase

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Construction Phase

November 2016 — Shoreline construction and wetland restoration begins

June 2017 — Shoreline construction and wetland restoration ends

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Project completion

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Project Completion

2017 — Project completed

By the Numbers



of shoreline restored


trees & Shrubs






cubic yards

of flood storage created



of wetland restored

Project Highlights

  • Naturalized and stabilized shoreline
  • Habitat enhancement
  • Stormwater management
  • Floodplain storage created
  • Model for future roadway projects


MCWD worked closely with Hennepin County and the City of Minnetrista to identify and meet the goals of multiple communities that depend on this road for regular transportation.

Hennepin County, MN
city of Minnetrista


Project Cost: $983,078

This project was supported with collaborative funding from Hennepin County, the City of Minnetrista, and MCWD.