Make a Difference in Your Community

There are many public and community-based organizations working for clean water in the Minnehaha Creek watershed. Lend a hand or connect with one of our many partners to do your part for clean water.

Become a Clean Water Leader

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Want to learn about and implement clean water best practices? Consider becoming a Minnesota Water Steward! This program equips community members with the knowledge and skills needed to improve water at the grassroots level.

Applications for new stewards are accepted by Freshwater Society each fall. Stewards participate in curriculum designed by experts and complete a capstone project to improve local water while educating their community.

Adopt-a-drain logo

When rain falls onto our streets and lawns, the water flows into storm drains, collecting all sorts of pollutants along the way. You can help prevent pollutants like leaves, trash and debris from entering our waterways by cleaning up a storm drain near you.

The Minnesota Adopt-a-Drain program allows you to “adopt” a storm drain and take responsibility for regularly cleaning it. You can log your work and help track the impact of your contribution to regional water quality.

Organize a Community Action or Educational Event

We can provide groups such as neighborhood associations, schools, churches or environmental clubs with resources to host an environmental event that empowers the community. We are also happy to connect you with the volunteers and partners we work closely with to support environmental education and outreach.

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Educational exhibits and games

Our interactive displays and exhibits can help you teach adults and children about water and clean water best practices.

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Pamphlets and brochures

Our print materials come in many forms and educate readers on hydrology and clean water practices like rain gardens, aquatic invasive species (AIS), native plants and much more!

Connect in Your Area

If you’re concerned about the water quality in a lake or creek near you, you can get involved with a nearby lake or creek association. Minnesota has over 500 lake associations representing residents who are dedicated to keeping their lakes clean and healthy. Lake and neighborhood associations often have volunteer opportunities and initiatives for environmental conservation.

If a lake association does not already exist near you, Freshwater Society’s Healthy Lakes and Rivers Partnership provides resources for starting a lake association.

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