1. Explore the site to find images and QR codes
  2. Scan each QR code to mark the item off and learn more.
  3. Find all eight items and win a gift certificate for a free ice cream cone at Pizza Luce’s.

Find these eight items

1. Burr Oak

You found me! This tree is found all over the site.

2. Leopard Frog

Frogs eat bugs like flies and mosquitoes…

3. Sugar Maple

You may put something from these trees on your pancakes

4. Woodpecker

This bird loves bugs and will find many ways to get to them

5. Pumpkinseed

also known as a sunfish or bluegill?

6. Monarch

migrating pollinators

7. Painted Turtle

Hard shells protect this animal

8. Bumblebee

another essential pollinator