Thursday, August 4, 2016

 Thursday, August 4th, 2016

Joint Meeting of the
Board Room
Minnehaha Creek Watershed District Office
15320 Minnetonka Boulevard
Minnetonka, MN 55345

Sherry White, President
Policy and Planning Committee Members: Dick Miller, Chair; Brian Shekleton, Kurt Rogness
Operations and Programs Committee Members: William Olson, Chair; Bill Becker; Pam Blixt 

Note:  No official action will be taken during committee meetings.  Items discussed in committee may be continued, forwarded to another committee, or advanced to a Board workshop or meeting.  Individuals who wish to speak to the committee members are encouraged to be in attendance when the meeting is called to order.                                   

6:45 ?9:00 pm          1.         Committee Meeting Call to Order and Roll Call 

2.         Matters from the Floor
Anyone wishing to address the Board of Managers on an item not on the agenda or on the consent agenda may come forward at this time.  Comments are limited to two minutes.

3.         Approval of Agenda (Additions/Corrections/Deletions)                       

4.         Information Items/Correspondence (Items listed under the Information/Correspondence section of the agenda will be considered as one item of business. It consists of routine administrative items or items not requiring discussion. Items can be removed and discussed at the request of a Board member, staff member, or a member of the audience.)
4.1 None

5.            Discussion Items
5.1    Recommended Preliminary 2017 Budget/Levy?Wisker
5.2    Review of Proposed Education and Communications 2017   Budget/Work Plans?Mamayek/Lochner/Eidem
5.3    Review of Research and Monitoring Proposed 2017         Budget/Work Plans ?Dawson/Christianson/Fieldseth 


Upcoming meetings:
August 11th, Policy and Planning Committee Meeting/Board Workshop, 6:45 pm, MCWD