0.0 12.15.22 Board Meeting Agenda.pdf

4.1 NOAA & NWS Recognition of MCWD as an WRN Ambassador of Excellence.pdf

4.2 Surety Returns Project Update.pdf

5.1 Approval of December 1, 2022 Board Minutes.pdf

6.1 General Checking Register.pdf

6.2 Surety Checking Register.pdf

6.3 Wire Transfer(s).pdf

7.1 New and Updated Employee Policies.pdf

7.2 Authorization to purchase water-level sensors for groundwater wells.pdf

7.3 Programmatic Maintenance Agreement with City of Shorewood.pdf

7.4 Recognition of John Gunyou.pdf

11.1 Adoption of MCWD Climate Action Framework.pdf

11.2 Authorization to Award Contract for East Auburn Wetlands Feasibility.pdf