Thursday, October 30, 2014

Board Retreat|
Thursday, October 30, 2014
St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church
3450 Irving Ave S,Minneapolis, MN 55408

Board of Managers:Sherry White, President; Brian Shekleton, Vice President; Richard Miller, Treasurer; Jeff Casale, Secretary; Pam Blixt, Manager; Jim Calkins, Manager; William Olson, Manager
Note:  Individuals with items on the agenda or who wish to speak to the Board are encouraged to be in attendance when the meeting is called to order.

5:30 pm 1. Board Meeting Call to Order and Roll Call

6:00 pm 2. Matters from the Floor Anyone wishing to address the Board of Managers on an item not on the agenda or on the consent agenda may come forward at this time.  Comments are limited to two minutes.

3. Approval of Agenda (Additions/Corrections/Deletions)

4. Reporting Responsibility of Public Officials – Board of Managers

5. District Policies Discussion – Smith

9:00 pm 6. Adjournment