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West End Redevelopment

Highway 100 and Interstate 394
Project Status: 
Current Status: 

(Updated March 2013) -- The first phase of the West End Redevelopment is complete. Staff is working with the developer about potential involvement in Phase II of the development. 

View of West End Street
About this project: 

In 2007 the MCWD agreed to help fund clean water infrastructure at the 35-acre West End Redevelopment, located off of I-394 and Highway 100 in St. Louis Park. By working with the developer and being involved early in the process, the District was able to leverage its money to treat significant amount of polluted runoff and save nearby Brownie Lake from the state's Impaired Waters list. 

The project involved:

  • Underground storage chambers to hold stormwater and allow it to infiltrate into the ground instead of being discharged directly into a water body
  • A green roof to soak up polluted stormwater rather than diverting it to a storm drain
  • "Slot storm drains" that run horizontally to the road and water the trees along the sidewalk, rather than being directly discharged into a water body