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Highway 101 Causeway Reconstruction Project

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In 2016, Hennepin County carried out road construction on Highway 101/Bushaway Road in Wayzata, Woodland and Minnetonka, and the MCWD worked as a partner to protect and enhance Lake Minnetonka.

Bushaway Road runs from U.S. Highway 12 to Minnetonka Boulevard and crosses Lake Minnetonka between Gray's Bay and Wayzata Bay. The road construction project made a variety of improvements to the road, including adding turn lanes and a bicycle/walking path.

The MCWD partnered with Hennepin County on the project to protect and enhance the shorelines along the road as it crosses Lake Minnetonka. The project used plants and other bioengineering techniques to stabilize the shoreline, which will reduce erosion, infiltrate stormwater, provide habitat and improve the aesthetics of the area. The District has used similar techniques to reduce erosion at Lake Minnetonka's Big Island and operates several shoreline demonstration sites along Lake Minnetonka. As part of the project, the District also partnered with the City of Minnetrista to carryout a wetland restoration to fulfill a District permit requirement for the District's Highway 101 shoreline project. The wetland restoration created flood volume replacement by excavating and regrading the land to reestablish fringe hydrology and restored prior wetland conditions.