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Steiger Lake Wetland Restoration

Reducing nutrient content in Steiger Lake


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The District will continue to manage vegetation on the site. 

Drawn aerial map of Steiger Lake and stormwater ponds
About this project: 

In an effort to reduce nutrient content and improve water quality in Steiger Lake, the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD) has restored a partially drained wetland in Victoria.

The wetland is located on the south side of Highway 5, between 80th Street and 78th Street West. The project also expanded a city-owned pond directly north of Highway 5 at Steiger Lake Lane. The new system treats stormwater from a 250-acre drainage area that eventually ends up in Steiger Lake.

Before the restoration, water flowed through the wetland in a ditch and bypassed the city pond, which is designed to reduce nutrient loads before the water enters Steiger Lake. The water is now spread throughout the wetland and stored in small ponds. Wetlands naturally function to store and filter polluted water.

A weir controls water levels, so there is no impact on the historic high water level of the wetland or pond.


  • Expected reduction of 97.9 pounds of phosphorus per year
  • Treats 251 acres of stormwater runoff
  • Increased capacity of city-owned stormwater pond
  • No impact on high water levels
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