In an effort to reduce phosphorous levels and improve water quality in Steiger Lake, the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD) restored a partially drained wetland in Victoria. Now, the wetland is a natural stormwater treatment system for a 250-acre drainage area, and reconnects that water to small ponds throughout the restored area. To ensure there are no impacts on historic water levels, MCWD installed a weir at the wetland. MCWD also expanded a city-owned pond directly north of Highway 5 at Steiger Lake Lane. Both the wetland and the pond now effectively store and filter polluted water before it enters Steiger Lake.  

MCWD’s 2007 Water Resources Management Plan identified a goal to reduce external phosphorus loading to Steiger Lake, which is part of a chain of lakes and wetlands that flow to Parley Lake before ultimately discharging into Halsted Bay on Lake Minnetonka. By restoring the wetlands that connect to Steiger Lake, MCWD was able to improve water quality both in the lake and ultimately in Halsted Bay, which is among the most degraded bays on Lake Minnetonka.

At a Glance

  • Victoria
  • Six Mile Creek – Halsted Bay Subwatershed
  • Status: Complete
  • 2013

MCWD Staff Contact

Josh Wolf



Supporting Materials

Feasibility Study

Project Cost

Project Cost: $448,507

Project Timeline

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Planning Phase

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Planning Phase

2010 — Feasibility study completed

2010 — Project ordered through Resolution 10-104

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Design Phase

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Design Phase

2011 — Design phase begins

May 2012 — Community meeting

2012 — Design phase completed

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Construction Phase

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Construction Phase

December 2012 — Restoration begins

April 2013 — Restoration completed

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Project completion

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Project Completion

2013— Project completed

By the Numbers



of wetland restored



of phosphorous reduced each year



of stormwater runoff treated







Project Highlights

  • Nutrient reduction to Steiger Lake and downstream Halsted Bay
  • Stormwater runoff treatment
  • Water level maintenance
  • Increased flood storage capacity of city-owned stormwater pond
  • Increased wildlife habitat and ecological integrity
Steiger Lake before
Steiger Lake after


Although MCWD led this project, the City of Victoria coordinated with the District on the expansion of the city-owned pond on Steiger Lake Lane.

city of Victoria


Project Cost: $448,507

The wetland restoration costs were funded by MCWD.