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Taft-Legion Volume and Load Reduction Project


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About this project: 

Stormwater pondIn an effort to improve water quality in Richfield's Taft Lake and Legion Lake, the MCWD has partnered with the City of Richfield to install a variety of stormwater management and other water quality projects.

The city is leading the project with funding assistance from the MCWD. Once completed, the project will treat a large area of urban stormwater runoff that previously discharged into Taft Lake and Legion Lake, which both drain into Lake Nokomis and ultimately Minnehaha Creek. 

The proposed improvements include: 

  • Infiltration:  Stormwater runoff will be withdrawn from the enhanced basins/ponds and directed to underground infiltration systems in park land surrounding Taft Lake and Legion Lake.
  • Flocculation of Water from Taft Lake:  A flocculation treatment system will treat water withdrawn from Taft Lake, removing dissolved pollutant loads, before it is discharged back into Taft Lake.
  • Natively Planted Lakeshore Buffers:  Native lakeshore buffers will be established in select areas surrounding Legion Lake.
  • Pre-Treatment of Runoff to Legion Lake:  Stormwater from existing pipes will be redirected to expanded sedimentation ponds to remove sediment and phosphorus loads prior to being discharged into Legion Lake.

This project will provide both volume and phosphorus load reductions as shown in the table below:

Project Element

Water Volume Reduction (ac-ft/yr)

P Load Reduction (lbs/yr)

Stormwater Reuse Infiltration (Legion/Taft Lake) and Ponding (Taft)



Proprietary Grit Chambers (Legion)



Native Lakeshore Buffer (Legion)



Flocculation System (Taft)